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Newspapers Guide: Newspapers
in Databases

A guide to finding Newspapers in Vogel Library and online.

Newspapers in Databases

The most variety of news sources:

News sources with a particular focus:

These databases include news sources among other types of sources. Not an exhaustive list.

Google News

If you start in the Google News interface:



If you switched to "News" from the main Google page:

If the limiters do not automatically appear, click "Tools" to have the option to set date, relevancy, etc.

  • Freely available online (no clicks into a library database)
  • Easy to use


This is why it is important to STOP (from SIFT) and not click the first link but instead look at the first few pages and note the origin of the results (do you see major news outlets? Newspapers, such as The Guardian, or news sites, such as NBC? Do you see silly names, such as Bustle? Foreign news? Local news? Snopes?).