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Winter and May Term 2020: remote research resources: Remote Research Resources 2020

Check here for an overview of how Vogel Library and Librarians can still work with your for instruction interactions and resource access.

Questions? Lost? Confused?

Need online research support?

The library building is now closed

Library Building Closed

Copyright and making print items available online

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Copyright and making print items available online:

Library Copyright Experts across the nation have put together a helpful Public Statement: Fair Use and Emergency Remote Teaching and Research document for us to use as a guide. Feel free to reach out to us with these types of questions, and we can go to the experts for support.

  • In this emergency situation, fair use can be applied and interpreted more liberally than usual.

Three good guidelines:

  1. Lock anything you share behind my.wartburg.
  2. Make it impossible for students to download and share the content you make available to them.
  3. Stop sharing these materials as soon as the term is complete.

Looking to feel a little less alone?

We are in this together:

Amandajean Nolte has recommended an excellent resource in the Facebook group Pandemic Pedagogy! If there is ever the time for community (even a digital one), this is it. 

image is of graffiti that says "together"

Also thanks to Amandajean for the original information on this page! It will grow and change, but she provided the initial explanations and thorough lists.

Our usual online resources are all still available

Need articles, books, etc to support your coursework?

If you find access to one of your preferred resources difficult, don't hesitate to contact your liaison librarian (see link on the left) to discuss options and alternatives.

Even more resources in the time of COVID-19

Vogel Library has increased its access to many more online sources!

These resources will continue to be available even after the pandemic.

Many academic vendors have freed up access to their products.

You don't have to do anything additional to access these resources--search OneSearch as usual, and the resources will appear in relevant results.

Curious what they are?

  • Cengage eBooks and platforms
  • Elsevier eBooks
  • Library of Congress eBooks
  • MIT Press Direct collection of eBooks
  • OH State Univ. Press monograph collection
  • Rittenhouse R2 Digital LibraryU of MI Press eBook collection until 4/30/20
  • Newspaper Archive
  • Publisher’s Weekly
  • JoVE video content
  • PolicyMap online data and mapping application
  • OUP Teaching eBooks

Most of these resources will be available through the end of May.

For faculty that want to link to resources

Want to link to articles/databases for your students?

Many of Vogel Library's online materials are licensed for use by the Wartburg community only. To provide access to these online resources, OneSearch and databases such as ProQuest Central and Academic Search Elite provide a "permalink." This link will take them to our EZPROXY server so they can log in to the Wartburg network, and then to the item in the link. EBSCO requires you to use the Permalink in the sidebar, while ProQuest has made all of their links permalinks and you can pull those straight from the hyperlink bar. We discourage you from uploading the PDFs yourself because of Copyright, but also because it throws off our statistics and can make it harder for us to show accurate usage when it comes to budget decisions.

If you find access to one of your preferred resources difficult, don't hesitate to contact your liaison librarian (see link above) to discuss options and alternatives.