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Book Reviews: Scholarly Book Reviews

Search Tips for Book Reviews

  • Choose a database.
  • Type in the book title inside quote marks, like this: "The Other Slavery"
    • Add the author name as an additional keyword if necessary
    • Make sure you have the title correct
  • Limit to reviews ahead of time, if possible, or on the search results page.
    • Ahead of time, in JSTOR Advanced Search:
    • After the fact, in RILM (a music research database):
    • You may be limiting instead to Scholarly Journals if they don't offer reviews--this will still bring up scholarly reviews of the book.
  • If you don't have a book title to start with, use a keyword, limit to reviews before or after, and limit to a year range to get the date you desire.

Scholarly book reviews in the databases

Any scholarly journal may review review books in their discipline, so almost any of our databases may have scholarly book reviews. The ones listed below are often most popular, but that doesn't mean they are the only ones (also, JSTOR will likely not contain anything less than 3 years old).