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Amandajean Nolte: Information Literacy Librarian

Your place for up to date news about Vogel Library and your discipline-specific needs.

Resource Curation

For any class I visit, I curate an online LibGuide for students to reference when they’re working on their future assignments. It’s my way of creating “time of need” help when I can’t be available 24 hours a day. These websites can offer as little or as much as you and I deem necessary when we decide to create them for a course or department.

Current practice at Vogel Library is to create a Subject-Guide for each department or program for whom we provide instruction. Some individual courses are given their own space on the subject-guide if the assignment and relationship with the liaison librarian support it. Also, there are occasional campus initiatives that warrant the curation of resources to be shared with users outside of the classroom context. 

When I took this position, I inherited the guides from the past inhabitants of this position. As I've collaborated with folks on campus, many of these guides have been updated to support best practices, as well as present our current collection. For those departments and programs I have not had the opportunity to work with yet, do know that those guides are outdated and will be removed in the coming months. Contact me, if you would like to see your subject guide updated to present the most current resources. 

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am charged with managing the digital and physical collections for my disciplines--Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Education, Journalism and Communication, International Relations, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Women's Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, AND Social Welfare; this purposely placed list showcases why that might be a challenging part of the position.

I prepare myself to do this part of my position well by reading tons of reviews both popular and academic, subscribing to listservs in a variety from a variety of professional organizations, taking note of any syllabi or assignment guidelines shared with me by faculty or students, and in conversation with folks about what their scholarship and research currently includes. 

I also STRONGLY encourage students and faculty to send me their own requests for selection. If you or your students are working on a project that is not well-represented by our current collection, please, let me know! I can purchase specific items you request by name, but I can also take the topic and curate a list for purchase myself. Submit my Collection Request form at any time in an academic year, as I make purchases on a rolling basis. 

Creating special library displays offers me an opportunity to showcase our collection and show scholarship in conversation in a physical space.
The Second-Floor display table is curated by both Jill Westen and me. That table has been known to promote campus events, examine social justice issues, critique social norms, or investigate an interesting idea.  I also curate the curriculum library display table with the same ideas in mind, but highlighting materials specifically from our curriculum collection.

If you are aware of a happening on campus that could be supported with a display in Vogel Library, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

image is of Glimmer of Hope book display at Vogel Library image is of International Women's Day book display at Vogel Library

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