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Archives of Iowa Broadcasting: Visiting
The Archives

AIB establishes and maintains a permanent collection of materials relating to the history, development and contribution of radio and television in Iowa.


Research & Duplication Fees

Please contact the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting for information regarding fees for bulk or rush duplication orders.

Amy Moorman, Archivist
Phone: 319-352-8457


Archival materials are, by their nature, rare, often irreplaceable, and sometimes fragile. The following precautions have been instituted to ensure these objects are protected:

To Safeguard Collections, please do not:

  • Bring food or drink into the Archives
  • Use pens or ink
  • Remove any records from the Reference Room
  • Mark, annotate or rearrange original records in any way

Reading Room Etiquette:

  • Store all backpacks, computer cases, handbags, coats and other personal belongings
  • Be considerate of others using space and refrain from loud or unnecessary conversation
  • Do not enter “Staff Only” areas

Careful Handling of Records:

  • Please ensure your hands are clean and free from lotions
  • Do not lean on, or trace from any records or use them as a support for writing
  • If you need to flag a page, paper will be provided to use as a bookmark
  • Please maintain the existing order of items in folders and document boxes. Documents must not be marked, rearranged, or removed from their covers
  • Inform staff if you wish to request copies of items. You may use your own camera, or staff can photocopy or digitize items for you (fees may apply)

NOTE: It may not be possible at all times to provide appropriate machinery for reading, viewing or accessing non-print materials. We recommend you contact the Archives prior to your visit to ensure the materials you want to view are available.