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Peer Learning Lab Tutors - Research Resources

This guide has links and training materials for Peer Learning Lab tutors to train to be partners with the librarians in reinforcing foundational research skills.


What is this?

A partnership between the PLL and the Vogel Librarians to:

  1. Provide support in the Peer Learning Lab for foundational research skill reinforcement and
  2. Strengthen the connections between students and the librarians

How to do it: Quick Tips

  1. If a student you are working with is also struggling with finding and evaluating sources, follow these guidelines:
    1. Identify the information need.
      1. Is the research for a lower-level or higher-level course?
      2. Are the requirements at an introductory level or more intermediate to advanced?
      3. Ask further clarifying questions if you aren't sure what the real research question is.
    2. Are the needed sources discipline-specific or more general topic?
      1. Based on how complex the information need is, you can either guide the student or refer them to the librarian.
        1. Guide the student by showing them the relevant research guide, then taking them through basic searching steps in OneSearch and ProQuest Central to find what they need. Be sure to point out how they can connect with a librarian as well (or walk them over if that is appropriate).
        2. Refer the student to the librarian by showing them the relevant research guide. There should be contact information for the librarian on the guide; if not, use the main librarian information page and/or walk the student over to the librarian.


Training Materials

This is where I will link to training materials in the future.

Vogel Library, Wartburg College   |   100 Wartburg Blvd, Waverly, IA, 50677 |   Phone: 319-352-8500   | Email: