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EN 112: Enhance your skills

These LibHacks will enhance and reinforce the skills you learned in IS 101 for finding, using, and evaluating information.

EN 112: Videos and Tutorial

These videos assume you have the basic searching and evaluation skills learned in IS 101

If you need to review these skills, see the IS 101: Foundations of Research guide linked below.

LibHacks Video Part 1

Reference databases and when to use books

Watch Part 1 to learn how to enhance your skills by using reference databases and books. Then watch Part 2 and take the tutorial.

LibHacks Video Part 2

Tricky Article Types

Watch Part 2 to learn how to enhance your skills by identifying some tricky article types. Then take the tutorial.

Quick Recap of the Three Evaluation Questions:

  • What is it: What is the source type and author credibility?
    • Quick Wikipedia checks are okay!
  • Why do I care: Does the source type and author credibility meet your needs?
    • Decide this at the beginning so you know whether to investigate or find something better.
  • What does it really say: Perceive how the word choices influence the knowledge.
    • How slanted the word choice is can make a difference in how or why you would use it.

EN 112 Lib Hacks Practice Tutorial

Choose the link that matches your current EN 112 section.

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