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Spanish Courses & Research: SP 312

Your Consultations with Me

You will fill out the first worksheet during your initial research sessions at the library (half of you come right away, the other half come in the middle).

You will complete the second assignment and bring it TYPED to the consultation with Ms. Westen, the librarian.

USE THIS LINK to sign-up for consultations:

(copy and paste into your browser; I'm not posting a live link, because I don't want web crawlers on it).

Books in Print

Browse the reference section on the 1st floor in the 940's for books on Latin America that will explain your topic to you (PLUS recommend more sources).

However, learn to look for other areas in which your topic fits, too--such as the 800's for literature or the 700's for art. Make connections. Browse these same areas in the 1st floor stacks.

Search OneSearch to use keywords instead of browsing for any book.

MUST use book for those on indigenous cultures