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Social Work Courses & Research: SW 321 - Social Work Research

SW 321: Social Work Research

Highlighted Socai Work References

Assignment for Thursday, 9/6/18

Assignment for Thursday, September 6, 2018

In lieu of a lecture and activity this week, complete the following:

  1. Watch this tutorial on how to use the SocINDEX database. Then in your project groups search for the terms "hunger", "food security", and "parent education" and look at what they mean ("Scope Note") and any broader or narrower terms associated with them.
  2. Watch this tutorial on how to locate, use and cite encyclopedic resources such as the Encyclopedia of Social Work.
  3. Watch this YouTube video on "What is a literature review?"
  4. Create an Interlibrary Loan account. You will need this for ordering articles from other libraries.
    From the library homepage click on Interlibrary Loan, then click the Create My Account link.
  5. Create a RefWorks account using your Wartburg email address. Refworks is a citation management software package that allows you to import your citations directly from OneSearch and from most databases. It also lets you save and attach the full text of your articles to your bibliography for easy retrieval. Finally, it allows groups to gather their research in a single place for creating the final bibliography.
  6. Then watch these videos on how to use RefWorks.

Using what you learned above, bring to the next class:

  • An article from an encyclopedia relevant to your topic.
  • A research journal article (with Results section) relevant to your group's topic.

Using a Concept Map

If you are having difficulty deciding on a topic, or the topic you have chosen is too general, try creating a concept map to help focus your research.

Citing in APA examples

Correct format for citing the Encyclopedia of Social Work in APA

Last, F. M. (Year Published). Article title. In F. M. Last (Ed.), Encyclopedia Name. (Vol. Volume, pp. Page(s)). City, State: Publisher. Retrieved Month Date, Year, from URL

For example:

Seifert, K. (2008).  Hunger, nutrition and food programs.  In T. Mizrahi and L.E. Davis, (Ed).  Encyclopedia of Social Work.  Retrieved September 12, 2017 from

Census Bureau

In text:   The United States Census Bureau (2014), reported 13.5 percent of U.S. citizens lived in poverty.


United States Census Bureau: Newsroom. (2011, March 16). Census Bureau Survey Shows Poverty is Primarily a Temporary Condition.[Press release]. United States Census Bureau. Retrieved October 7, 2016, from

United States Census Bureau: Quick Facts. Retrieved September 26, 2016, from,19

Selected Social Work Databases

Data Sets

Course description

Application of research to social work practice using basic data gathering, analysis, recording. Special attention to special populations and research designs that prepare students to evaluate programs and practice. Includes a community-based service learning component. Writing Intensive.