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Social Work Courses & Research: SW 250 Veterans

SW 250 - Current Topics in Social Work Practice: Veterans and Military Families

Suggested Databases

Additional Online Resources

Books & ebooks

Choosing a topic

Citation Management with RefWorks

Vogel Library has a subscription to RefWorks, the citation management tool that helps you track your resources and cite them correctly in your papers. These videos will help you get started using RefWorks. And if you have questions, contact the library.

Learn to use RefWorks in 20 minutes

Narrow Your Topic

Helpful questions

To narrow your research topic, try using the following questions

The 5 W Questions

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Clarifying Questions

  • Problems faced?
  • Problems overcome?
  • Motives?
  • Effects on a group?
  • Member group?
  • Group affected?
  • Group benefited?
  • Group responsible for/paid for _____