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Psychology Courses & Research: Social Sciences Research

PSY/PS/SO 321: Social Sciences Research

PSY/PS/SO 321: Social Sciences Research

What is an Overview Source?

Overview Sources summarize and synthesize theory and published research in the field.  For this course, they include:

  • discipline-specific encyclopedias
  • discipline-specific handbooks
  • annual reviews
  • chapters from books
  • review articles that meet criteria established by your professor. [see the box below for a definition]

Overview sources are written by experts in the field.

Overview sources usually some type of recommended sources to explain where the author or editor located the information included.

Selected Social Science Databases by Discipline

Political Science



Using APA Thesaurus When Searching PsychINFO

Highlighted Social Sciences References

These are examples of the type of overview materials available in print--they are located in either the reference collection (now on 1st floor) or in the stacks (1st floor).