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NSC 235: Fundamentals of Neuroscience

Best Bets: Primary Research Article Databases

Best databases for finding primary sources in your research

Levels of Quality Research

Pyramid of Quality Research

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  • “Experiments in animals and humans also suggest persistent stress may alter brain structure in regions affecting emotions and regulating behavior. Nelson and others have done imaging studies showing these regions are smaller than usual in severely traumatized children.”

  • “The brain and disease-fighting immune system are not fully formed at birth and are potentially vulnerable to damage from childhood adversity, recent studies have shown.”

Predatory Publishing

Predatory open access publishing exploits researchers and authors by charging fees to publish their work without providing peer-review and related editorial services associated with legitimate and reputable journals (open access or not). In 2010 Jeffrey BeallJeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado at Denver published a list of journals that appeared to be following this practice. He continued to update the list until 2017 when he made a personal decision to take it down, possibly due to pressure from the publishers he was listing.


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