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Music Courses & Research: Citation

Chicago Style Citations

Chicago style citation is the accepted citation style in musicology (music therapy majors use APA).

  • Chicago style comes in two types: Author-Date and Humanities.
    • Author-Date - DO NOT USE AUTHOR-DATE. Fortunately, it's easy to see if you did accidentally use it--the date is placed directly after the author's name.
    • Humanities (also called Notes-Bibliography): DO use this style.
      • If it's not available as a choice, then choose Turabian--unless of course it is also using Author-Date. If there are no options other than Author-Date, learn how to make the citation on your own (it's essentially putting together a pretty easy puzzle).
  • Chicago style uses footnotes or endnotes instead of the in-text citations in parentheses of MLA and APA.
  • The footnote/endnote format looks very similar to the bibliography citation format, but the footnote/endnote citation format uses a lot of commas where the bibliography format uses periods.



These books will help you with WRITING STYLE. They may have some citation help, but you should use Chicago and Turabian manuals for all citation questions.


Citation Examples in Chicago/Turabian

Citing a Web Page: Follow this general format:

Hagenberg, Elaine. “About.” Elaine Hagenberg Music. Accessed March 15, 2019.

Look for these things:

  • Author or responsible party
  • Title of the actual page--put inside quotes
  • Title of website--not italicized. May be excluded if not applicable
  • Date of access, written as above
  • url

Citing a Score:

Author name. Title of Score. Edited by Name (if there is no editor, leave this part out). Place of publication: Publisher, year. (if there is no place, leave that part out; if there is no publisher and/or it was published online, say the year and then paste the url).

Specific score example:

Salfelder, Kathryn. Shadows Ablaze. Kon Brio, 2015.

  • Above you see that the place was left out as there was none, and the url was included as it was published online.

Annotated Bibliography Guide

Vogel Library's Annotated Bibliography guide will help you get started understanding, researching, writing, and formatting your annotated bibliography.