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LS 405 - Leadership Portfolio Summary Seminar: Portfolios

What is the Leadership Certificate Portfolio?

What is the LCP Portfolio?
The portfolio is a record or documentation of evidence demonstrating successful completion of the seven requirements of the Leadership Certificate Program. The portfolio will contain the following elements:

• table of contents

the LCP plan (PDF)

reflection papers for each of the three elective courses (PDF)

reflection paper on the initiative component (PDF)

• reflection paper on the difference and diversity component Sample 1 (PDF), Sample 2 (PDF)

• student journal written in conjunction with the group work experience

reflection paper about the service component (PDF)

a leadership resume (PDF)

summary reflection paper (PDF)

Organization and format of the portfolio
The elements of the portfolio, placed in order as listed above, should be typed, double-spaced, using 11 or 12-point font, on 8-1/2 x 11 white paper, and inserted in a three-ring binder. All pages should be numbered consecutively, with the table of contents reflecting the first page number of each element. Tabs may be used to identify each element. A cover page should be placed in front of the portfolio identifying the student, their major and minor, and local and permanent contact information.

LS405: Leadership Certificate Summary Seminar is a ½ credit elective course offered each term to facilitate portfolio development. Students work with one another and faculty members affiliated with the Institute for Leadership Education in a seminar format to write, review, and provide feedback regarding each of their portfolio elements. While this is an elective course for students pursuing the Leadership Certificate, it has proven extremely helpful to students preparing their portfolios for submission.

While portfolios are individual in nature, the Leadership Education Committee and the Institute for Leadership Education has also developed a set of guidelines to assist students as they prepare their reflection papers.

Portfolio submission and review
Once all requirements have been completed the portfolio is submitted to the Director of the Institute for Leadership Education. For Spring graduates this is no later than May 1 of the year of graduation, and for Winter graduates is no later than December 1 of the term of graduation. Portfolios are reviewed and approved by the faculty of the Leadership Institute, and the members of the Leadership Education Committee.