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International Student Research : Welcome

Ask A Librarian

Librarians are always ready to help you find resources:

Walk up - Come to the 2nd floor library Service Desk

Phone -  Call 319-352-8500 with questions

Email - Send your questions to "Ask a Librarian"

Chat -  Use the chat button on the library's homepage.

Campus Resources

The Language of Research

This guide was created to highlight strategies and library resources to support your research at Vogel Library.

Get started with the following links that provide a glossary to the words we use throughout the research process, and a helpful translation table.

Information Literacy Librarian

Amandajean Freking Nolte*

*not pictured. Instead, we show her celebrity Doppelganger, Brie Larson.


Essential Ed


  • If you feel more comfortable working with a librarian other than the interim listed, simply contact the librarian of your choice and go from there.


(Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work are more naturally a part of the social sciences and may shift back to this position based on future factors.)