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History Courses & Research: Books
& Media

What can Book Sources do for you?

  • Deep-dive into a topic for a length of time
  • Gather lots of studies together for you
  • Have a chapter or two that's very useful
  • Have an introduction that gives you background

Searching Tips for History topics

Books in our Catalog: Search for books in OneSearch (also see above)--limit to "Books" and then "Available in the Library" if you don't want to see ebooks, either.

Books with Re-Printed Primary Sources: Go to Advanced Search to find books with primary source material like this: 

  • The above will only find books that are MOSTLY reprints of primary sources. To find books that only have a few, try using keywords (not subjects) of correspondence, diaries, interviews, "personal narratives," or sources. Or browse through a book and look for tell-tale images of scanned primary sources.
  • For more primary source information, see the Primary Sources tab.

Further Book Searching Tips:

  • Subject Terms: Notice other subject terms on book record pages you can use as keywords or searches yourself:
  • Scholarly Monographs: Get in the habit of checking the publisher--university press publishers should be fine to trust as scholarly monographs, as should some standard trade academic publishers (Lexington, Rowman & Littlefield, Routledge, etc). Look for footnotes and endnotes and avoid popular press publishers and popular as opposed to scholarly historians.

Use OneSearch to find books and other physical items in the library

One Search logo

Search for ebooks, books, DVDs, CDs, print journals, scores, and other physical items in the library.

Streaming Video

Streaming video database with documentaries on almost any topic.

Borrowing from Other Libraries (free!)

Option 1: WorldCat (libraries around the world--more options)

  1. Get to WorldCat on the Databases A-Z page.
  2. Search.
  3. Select format if necessary.
  4. Choose the item.
  5. Click the ILL link. Login if necessary.
  6. Fill in any additional information.
  7. Submit.

Option 2: OneSearch searching FastTrac (regional libraries)

  1. Search OneSearch as usual.
  2. Choose FastTRAC libraries from the drop-down.
  3. Choose the item (does not have to be a book).
  4. Login to see the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) link.
  5. Click the ILL link to login.
  6. -7. As above.

Login to the Interlibrary Loan link on the homepage to see your list of requests to check status, cancel, copy, and more.

Borrowing using FastTRAC - other libraries and 90 days