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IS 201: Becoming a Global Citizen: Assignment
for Group Consult

IS 201: Becoming a Global Citizen Research Guide

Welcome to the

IS 201: Becoming a Global Citizen Course Guide

This guide serves as a springboard for your group research.

Assignment for Group Consult

Fill out ONE worksheet per group. Work together so you all know why something was chosen or why something looks like it has bias.

Each question asks you to do the same thing—look for what you need in the resources suggested here, list what was useful, and look for any potential bias or perspective issues.

  1. You do not need to list three useful things. You do need to report on how useful the three things were.
  2. Be sure to work with the group on these questions--don't put the work on one or two people.

Each group should schedule a 30-minute meeting with Amandajean ( between Tuesday, 2/19 and Tuesday, 2/26. Sign up below!