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Equipment and Technology: Technology Support

Vogel library offers a wide array of equipment, technology and facilities to meet your needs. This guide provides a summary of everything we have to offer

Wartburg College Emerging Leaders in Technology EducationELITE (Emerging Leaders in Technology Education) provides technology resources and support to the Wartburg community to enhance student learning, teaching, and research experiences. ELITE is a collaborative effort between Vogel Library, Instructional Technology, and Information Technology Services.

Software Support

ELITE provides for software and other technologies used throughout the library:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Video and audio creation and editing software such as iMovie, MovieMaker, Camtasia, Garage Band, Audacity
  • Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems
  • Web browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Any equipment available for checkout
  • Scanning and printing, including CloudPrint

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3D Printing

3 Steps To 3D Printing

  1. Find files online at sites like (.STL files only) or create your own with 3D modeling tools such as TinkerCAD.
  2. Put the file on a USB flash drive and bring it to the library to be printed. Cost: 5¢/gram.
  3. Review with an ELITE Consultant.

Please read our 3D Printing Policies and Procedures prior to ordering.

Scanning and Printing

Contact Information

Vogel Library
100 Wartburg Blvd.
Waverly IA, 50613

Phone: (319) 352-8751


The ELITE Team

  • Bendita Dos Santos Carmo '20, major in Public Health, minor in Leadership
    Microsoft Office, iMovie, iTunes, Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat Reader, Python, Windows media player and photo viewer, Microsoft OneNote and OneDrive, Skype, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer
  • Deonte Walker '20, majors in Industrial Relations and Political Science, minor in German Studies
    Software: iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, Microsoft Office, Prezi.
  • Matseliso Koelte '21
  • Ryan Keel '20, major in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems.
    Software: Microsoft Office, Python, iTunes, Apple Numbers, all web browsers, Vensim PLE, Windows Media Player and Photo Viewer, Skype.
  • Steve Setefane '21, major in Computer Science.
    Software: Photoshop, Vensim PLE, Microsoft Office, Safari, Chrome, I-Cloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Tony Onyia '22, major in Computer Science and Political Science
    Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Yohannes Dawit '21, major in Engineering
    Software Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint, Google Chrome, Firefox, Paint, Windows Media Player, Adobe Photoshop/Reader, Numbers, Pages, Garage Band, iTunes, Keynote, Safari, and 7-zip: