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Never Let Me Go: Knight Reading, 2018-2019: Science

So about those clones...

Use the tips on the linked "Research Guide" (on the tabs above) to learn how to search for books and for articles in databases. Listed here are simply a few book options to enable your browsing in the stacks.

Medical Ethics/Bioethics

Cloning ethics are part of a larger conversation about medical and bioethics--which affect all of us, even in everyday life (it's not all about flashy clones).

On a lighter note...

Looking for more entertainment or lighthearted news about clones? I got you.

Cloning and Genetic Engineering

Cloning falls under the broader topic of genetic engineering--and like bioethics, you don't have to be a clone for genetic engineering to affect your everyday life.

This TED Talk is from 2003 but includes extraordinary insight into what the future would hold.