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IS 101: Introductory Research Tips and Review: How To's...

Research tips for introduction AND review.

Why Use Background/Overview/Reference?

When you want...
A brief historical perspective, a summary, or an overview of a topic--plus keywords, subtopics, and further reading.

An overview source (also called reference or background--most likely an encyclopedia, but could also be a book introduction or webpage).

And know that...
The summary will flex based on the kind of encyclopedia (general or specific). Encyclopedia "articles" are not the same as news or journal "articles."

Overivew/Background Information Searching Tips

Overview (Encyclopedias, reference, background, getting started):

In Print: Reference section 1st floor


1. Click "Databases A-Z." Choose a database to serve your purpose:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica: general information on almost anything
  • Credo Reference: search hundreds of encyclopedias at once
  • Oxford Reference: search hundreds of encyclopedias at once
  • CQ Researcher: in-depth overview of controversial topics