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IS 101: Introductory Research Tips and Review:

Text-and-image research tips for introduction AND review.

Newspaper, Magazine, or Journal Article?

When you want... Use... And watch out for...
Facts about current events Newspapers Bias--political, emotional, or even unintended
Longer articles on current or historical events or personal interest profiles Magazines Bias--political, emotional, or even unintended
Specific scholarly studies on narrow topics--may or may not be about current events, may be scholarly or in the humanities Peer-reviewed Journal Articles Relevancy and specificity


So is an article from a library database a web source?

Web sources = published to the web

  • Three steps: 1: Write content 2: Publish to the web 3: You read it online

Other sources you read online, but aren't web sources = published somewhere else first

Six or more steps:

  1. Write content
  2. Publish in publication, usually print
  3. Database buys access to the publication
  4. Library buys access to the database
  5. Library places access on the web
  6. You read it online

The Peer Review Process

What's all the fuss about peer-review? It's difficult to get free access to peer-reviewed documents online, but on the library website, you have free access to thousands of peer-reviewed articles.

A look at the process shows how many qualifications the piece must have before it is considered good enough to publish:

Source: IJCTA. IJCTA-Peer Review Process. International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications, 2010. Web. 8 September 2011.

Article Search Basics

ProQuest Central has newspaper, magazine, and scholarly/peer-reviewed articles--perfect for IS 101, EN 112, and beyond!

1. Choose to search articles through ProQuest Central (one database).

2. Search and then make limitations for what you need--article type, date, full-text, etc.

3. Use the page options to read an article, email it, print it, or even get a citation (double-check!).

4. Use the right lingo! Quotes around common phrases, such as "high school," "medical marijuana," or "contact sports." Take advantage of adding more search boxes to get the perfect search.

5. You can also search ALL Wartburg's databases by searching through OneSearch.

Newspaper Guide

If you want to dig into newspapers hardcore, this guide (linked below) shows the many ways you have access to newspapers in our databases from around the country and the world.