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I am Malala: Knight Reading, 2016-2017: Research
& Discussion

Wartburg College's Community Reading Selection

Key Term Ideas

  • Children and Violence
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Criminal Justice
  • Discrimination in Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education
  • Islam and Politics
  • Nobel Prizes
  • Pakistan
  • Poor Children
  • Poverty
  • Taliban
  • Teenage Girls
  • Terrorism
  • Women -- Education

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You may want to combine ideas as you search. EXAMPLE: Education AND Teenage Girls

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Discussion Questions for I Am Malala

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Questions for Discussion from Little, Brown and Company: (click the link)

1. Malala is known for her passion for education and women's rights. How does her passion for education shape her life? Do you have a particular cause the you care about deeply? Discuss.

2. Malala became an activist when she was very young. Discuss how you felt while reading about her experience. Where did Malala find her courage and inspiration?

3. Malala and her father have a very unique and close relationship. This of someone in your life who has been a mentor. How did they inspire you?

4. Discuss Malala's relationship with her mother. What influence does she have on Malala? In what ways does Malala's relationship with her mother compare/contrast with her relationship with her father?

5. Have you dealt with a traumatic or life changing experience? How did you react in the aftermath of that incident?

6. Malala witnesses her immediate surrounding change dramatically within a short time period. Describe the changes both to Pakistan and Swat throughout I Am Malala. How does Malala experience and respond to these changes? How is Malala's character influenced and shaped by her surroundings?

7. Throughout the book, Malala describes her desire to return home to Swat Valley. Discuss how Malala's relationship with Swat is complicated even further by her role as an activist. Do you think Malala will return to Pakistan and Swat? Discuss.

8. Malala demonstrates an overwhelming sense of courage in the face of adversity. Discuss how Malala reacts to the challenges she faces, as well as the challenges to Swat and Pakistan. How do her peers react? What gives them strength?

9. Malala's family now lives in Birmingham, England. Have you ever been uprooted in your life? What happened and how did you adapt? How did that experience shape your worldview?

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