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Citation Guide

This guide provides a few examples of how to cite various sources in different citation styles. An explanation of citations is included on the first tab.

Citing the Bible, Chicago Style

The 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style has a list of Bible abbreviations at 10.45-52 (p510-514).  It also has a section on Scriptural References (14.252-255), p757-8.

  • Parenthetical or note references to the Bible should include book (in roman and usually abbreviated), chapter, and verse—never a page number.
  • A colon is used between chapter and verse.
  • Use of periods depends on if a shorter form is used (see 10.45-52)
  • Consult with your instructor about which type of abbreviation to use, traditional or shorter.
  • Example of traditional abbreviations:  (1Thess. 4:11, 5:2-5, 5:14) 
  • Example of shorter abbreviation:  (1 Chro 10:13-14) 
  • Since books and numbering are not identical in different versions, it is essential to identify which v
  • References appear in text citations or notes rather than bibliographies.
  • ersion is being cited. 
  • Example for first citing:   2 Kings 11:8 (New Revised Standard Version).
  • Subsequent citations can abbreviate the version (NRSV).