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Citation Guide

This guide provides a few examples of how to cite various sources in different citation styles. An explanation of citations is included on the first tab.

Image Sources in Works Cited, MLA Style


Placeholder example for images—see below for specifics

The 3 citations below are all quite different, so no placeholder example is given. Analyze each kind of citation to understand its elements.

Image in ARTstor

Kioto-Shashin-Kwan. Three Geisha Musicians. c. 1800. Albumen print with hand-coloring. Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco. ARTstor. JPEG. 20 Jan. 2012.


*Cite images found in ARTstor as you do digital files of a work of visual art, not a web site.

*The c. 1800 here stands for “circa 1800” as the exact date is unknown.

*Note the type of art is listed after the title and date.

Image in a book

Renoir, Auguste. La Loge. 1874. Oil on canvas. Courtauld Institute Galleries, London. Gowing, Sir Lawrence, ed. Facts on File Encyclopedia of Art. Vol. 5. New York: Facts on File, 2005. Print.


*Because we are citing an original work reproduced in another work, we have to cite both the original and the reproduction’s publication details.

Image online

Stachowski, Mateusz. Read Before You Buy. Photograph. stock.xchng. Version 6.0. HAAP Media Ltd/Getty Images, 6 April, 2009. Web. 27 Sept. 2010.


*Images online are cited as web sites with the addition of the type of art. Note this is the first web site we’ve listed with a version number.

Image you observed in person (such as in a museum)

Arbus, Diane. Two Girls in Matching Bathing Suits, Coney Island, New York. 1967. Gelatin silver print. Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI.