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French Courses & Research: French Articles

What can article sources do for you?

What can article sources do for you?

  • Shorter, narrower, more specific information (the opposite of an in-depth book)
  • Current information (news and magazines)
  • Scholarly research studies and results (peer-reviewed journals)

Fun Print Journals

Grab one of these mags from downstairs, get a coffee, and pretend you're in a Parisian cafe.

Le Monde Weekly edition : In French, France's premiere newspaper (shelved with newspapers, not journals). No longer currently subscribed.

Paris Match: In French, like what Life used to be but for France (news, current affairs, photos, celebrity interviews). No longer currently subscribed.

L'Express International: In French, news and current affairs magazine. No longer currently subscribed.

Most Helpful Databases (see all that search in French below)

These databases are the most useful to students researching French topics.

To search the English and French word at the same time, use (English word OR French word) like this: (hello OR salut).

Databases That Search in French

These are our databases that allow you to search for articles published in other languages. If you don't see this option on your first search screen, look for an Advanced Search tab and look there.

Print Journals for Research

Get your grad student prep on with these research journals on the downstairs shelves.

Yale French Studies: In English, French literature, thought, and civilization. May no longer be currently subscribed.

The French Review: In English, French and Francophone literature, cinema, society and culture, linguistics, technology, and pedagogy. May no longer be currently subscribed.