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COM 112 - Oral Communication: Transportation Infrastructure

Resolution for 2013-14

Resolved: The United States Federal Government shall substantially increase its transportation infrastructure throughout the U.S. 

  • Pro: It's a good idea for the government to increase transportation infrastructure.
  • Con: It's a bad idea to increase transportation infrastructure.


Use these two CQ articles to get a full understanding, plus two links.

Books On Reserve at Vogel Library (2nd floor Service Desk)

Books below are on "reserve" under COM 112 at the 2nd floor service desk.  Checkout is for 4 hours.

Web Sources & Organizations

Tip for web searching: Try limiting your results to only government  sites by using Google Advanced and putting .gov in the "site or domain" box. You can limit to organization sites as well by putting .org instead. 

Database Resources

Keyword suggestions : infrastructure, transportation, United States

There is a lot to consider when discussing transportation across the U.S. Consider adding keywords to your search terms like funding, public support, implementation, etc. to specify your search. 

Database tip: Put quotes around your phrase when you want to search your words all together - i.e. "transportation infrastructure" instead of transportation infrastructure.