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COM 112 - Oral Communication: Group

Choose Your Topic...

To get to your group's debate topic, select it from the drop-down menu under the "Group Debate" tab -

Or follow these links:

Domestic Surveillance

Free Community College

Iowa Sales Tax

Transportation Infrastructure

Water Rights

Presentation Structure

Order of speakers are as follows:

  • Speaker 1: Introduction and exposition
  • Speaker 2: Pros of the resolution (arguments in favor)
  • Speaker 3: Implementation of the resolution
  • Speaker 4: Cons of the resolution (arguments against) [and conclusion if there are only 4 members in the group)
  • Speaker 5: Disadvantages of the specific plan and conclusion


Bibliographies and Citation Management Made Easier!

Vogel Library has obtained a subscription to RefWorks, a powerful citation management tool!

All faculty, students and staff can set up a free RefWorks account:

  1. Go to the RefWorks login page.
  2. Click "Create Account."
  3. Sign up using your Wartburg email account.

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