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Art Courses & Research: Websites

Websites for Art Research

Museum websites = the one kind of website I can recommend without hesitation for research in art topics.

They often provide rich online access to images from their collections. Remember to cite appropriately any images you use in a presentation or paper.

We will also sometimes have books from major museum exhibits over the years.

If you are confused about whether you can use an image legally, consult The Public Domain, by Stephen Fishman.

WHAT is it - WHY should you believe it - WHY is it right for you now

PATS: Acronym for Evaluation indicators
Purpose Is the intent to INFORM or PERSUADE?
Authority Scholar? Journalist? Experienced in the topic? Whatever it is, what does it mean in the context of history? Of a country? Of a time period?
Timeliness Depends on your topic whether currency is important
Scope Do you want something that covers the topic broadly, specifically, or in-depth? (e.g., respectively, encyclopedias, news or scholarly articles, and books)