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Art Courses & Research: Websites

SIFT and PATS for historians

Stages of SIFT particular to artists:

  • Investigate the source: become familiar with the type of website you want--artist's personal page, review, agent's site, etc
  • Find better coverage: not always possible for current artists, but worth looking
  • Tracing claims: Finding the information as close to complete and original as possible

Qualities of PATS particular to historians:

  • Purpose: ask yourself if the purpose of this source is to inform or simply re-use content
  • Authority: ask yourself who is an authority in art/graphic design/etc

Websites for Art Research

Museum websites = the one kind of website I can recommend without hesitation for research in art topics.

They often provide rich online access to images from their collections. Remember to cite appropriately any images you use in a presentation or paper.

We will also sometimes have books from major museum exhibits over the years.

If you are confused about whether you can use an image legally, consult The Public Domain, by Stephen Fishman.