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Art Courses & Research: Articles
on Art

What can article sources do for you?

  • Shorter, narrower, more specific information (the opposite of an in-depth book)
  • Current information (news and magazines)
  • Scholarly research studies and results (peer-reviewed journals)

Art Magazines in Print

Browse our journals/magazines in print downstairs--great source of inspiration! Many have nice websites as well.

If the issue is not in the Casual Reading Area, you will find the back issues in the Journals shelving (past the Curriculum shelves).

US and international contemporary art--new genres and cover pieces for collectors.

US and international art news, issues, exhibitions, and feature pieces on contemporary artists or the occasional historical artist.

Additional Art/Graphic Design/Photography magazines we have in the Journals section (alphabetically) but not current issues:

Most Useful Databases for Art Research

Use OneSearch to find articles

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Limit to types of articles, such as newspapers, scholarly journals, etc, on the left-hand side once you see the search results.