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Religion Courses & Research: Websites

LibGuides for "Religion" Topics

Academic librarians create LibGuides to assist researchers in locating the best tools and resources for their inquiry needs.

Here are a few useful examples:

Information Literacy Standards for Religion/Religious Studies

Professional Associations

American Academy of Religion (AAR),

The Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion,

Catholic Library Association (CLA),

International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR),

North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR),

Society of Biblical Literature (SBL),

Society for the Study of Theology,

Lutheran Connections: Resources & Support

WHAT is it - WHY should you believe it - WHY is it right for you now

PATS: Acronym for Evaluation indicators
Purpose Is the intent to INFORM or PERSUADE?
Authority Scholar? Journalist? Experienced in the topic? Whatever it is, what does it mean in the context of history? Of a country? Of a time period?
Timeliness Depends on your topic whether currency is important
Scope Do you want something that covers the topic broadly, specifically, or in-depth? (e.g., respectively, encyclopedias, news or scholarly articles, and books)

A Few Credible Websites for this Discipline

Assessing Information Literacy