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English Courses & Research: Websites

Onlines sources about authors

It's very easy to find author information online--use their personal site, their publisher's site, their Amazon bio, etc.

Another awesome advantage of online searching for authors is if their interviews are available free digitally. Again, fairly easy to search (author name inside quotes and the word "interview").

Creative Writing Resources on the Web

Good Brit Lit Online Sources

One of the coolest ways online sources can help you is scanned or re-typed primary sources.

(scan of actual Luttrell Psalter)

Other helpful online sources will be professors' informative sites, museums, historical society pages, sites dedicated to quality information (not sites like or infoplease), and things like that.

The British Library and other libraries in England do a great job of making resources and information available online (American archival libraries should take note)--such as the Domesday Book here.

Good American Lit/World Lit Sources