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Music Therapy - Courses & Research: ARTICLES 1
Specific journals

AMTA Journals access PLUS Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Journal of Music Therapy (JMT) access:

Music Therapy Perspectives (MTP) access:

JMT and MTP on a flash drive

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Find a Journal

1. Click "Journals" on the library homepage.

2. Search for a journal title.

3. Click to access either by clicking "Find Online" and then "Open source in a new window," "Find Online" and then choosing a database, or "Find in Library" to see if we own (they will be alphabetical on the 1st floor). If we don't own, order from ILL.

Search Tips & Experimental Research Articles

Use phrases and be specific with your keywords; be flexible:

  • "music therapy" AND autistic AND preschool
    • Didn't get very many results
  • Changed it to this, which is more general: "music therapy" AND autism AND children

Search for synonyms like this:

(elderly OR "older people" OR "older adults" OR geriatric)

  • In this example, the parentheses are important--they tell the database to keep that whole phrase together as a command when searching. Some databases will give you the OR option in their provided search boxes--read the screen to know.

Know the difference between Experimental Research Articles and Other Types

  • Experimental Research Articles describe an actual experiment (quantitative or qualitative) performed by the author(s). These articles will include the typical sections found in scientific primary research articles: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion.
    • The methods section in particular will describe an actual experiment created and performed by the author(s).
  • Other Types of Research Articles will often include words such as "literature review," "systematic review," "meta-synthesis," or "meta-analysis."