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Archives of Iowa Broadcasting: Radio

AIB establishes and maintains a permanent collection of materials relating to the history, development and contribution of radio and television in Iowa.


KCRG-AM (Cedar Rapids) Bob Ogburn Collection KXIC-AM (Iowa City)
WMT-AM (Cedar Rapids) Julie Rutz Collection WOC-AM (Quad Cities)
Des Moines Air Check Collection WHO-AM (Des Moines) Don Francis Collection
KLWW (Cedar Rapids) Lee Kline Collection KCHA-FM (Charles City)
KXEL-AM (Waterloo/Cedar Rapids) KZIA-FM (Cedar Rapids) KMA-AM (Shenandoah)
Peter McClane Collection    

KCRG-AM (Cedar Rapids)

KCRG Radio AM is now KGYM, and began broadcasting in 1947 from Cedar Rapids. This collection contains audio tape reels, cartridges and cassettes.

Extent: Approximately 18 linear feet

Date Range: Unknown


WMT-AM (Cedar Rapids)

WMT originally signed on as WJAM in 1922. It became WMT in 1928 when the station was sold to Harry Shaw, owner of the Waterloo Morning Tribune. He moved the station to Waterloo, but it returned to Cedar Rapids the year following its sale to the Cowles family in 1934.

This collection contains broadcast recordings, promotional materials, artifacts and photographs, including the original WMT microphone, a photograph of station founder "Tex" Perham, printing plates, banners, and more.

Extent: 13 linear feet

Date Range: 1922-1980s


Des Moines Air Check Collection

Des Moines Air Check Collection

Abstract: This collection contains recordings of TV series air checks for shows such as the Jimmy Dean Show, the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Time, and Dennis the Menace. WHO Radio recordings are also included. Dates range from 1964 to 1972.

Extent: 6 boxes.

Dates: 1964-1972


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KRNT-AM (Des Moines)

KSO Radio (Des Moines) was renamed KRNT in 1935, and the station moved to 1350 AM frequency in 1941. For much of its history, the station was an adult standards format, until 2015 when it was converted to sports radio. Materials related to KRNT are in two collections:

Bob Ogburn Collection contains audio discs, reels and cassettes, documents and books related to music, broadcasting and other topics.

Extent: 34.5 linear feet

Date Range: Unknown

Julie Rutz Collection contains audiocassettes of her time as a broadcaster, including interviews she conducted.

Extent: 3 linear feet

Date Range: ca. 1980s


WHO-AM (Des Moines)

WHO Radio Collection

WHO began broadcasting from Des Moines in 1924. This collection contains recordings of broadcasts and advertisements, as well as photographs, scrapbooks, program schedules, log sheets, farm service reports, and other files.

Extent: 244 linear feet

Date Range: ca. 1936-1993

Lee Kline Collection

Abstract: (1963-2000) This collection contains audio recordings and the audio equipment of Lee Kline who was a broadcaster for WHO Radio for 40 years.

Extent: 157 items

Dates: 1963-2000

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KXIC-AM (Iowa City)

KXIC Radio Collection

Abstract: KXIC Radio recordings covering various holidays, locations, and agriculture are included. Dates range from 1949 to 1966, and both magnetic recording tapes and wire recordings are included.

Extent: 3 boxes.

Dates: 1949-1966.

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WOC (Quad Cities)

WOC signed on in 1922, broadcasting from Davenport, Iowa for the Quad Cities market (Davenport, Iowa; Bettendorf, Iowa; Rock Island, Illinois; Moline, Illinois).

Extent: 3 linear feet (29 7-inch audio reels)

Date Range: Unknown


Don Francis Collection

Don Francis Collection

Abstract: Don Francis Collection contains unidentified Audio recordings in the form of 1/4-inch reel to reel tapes (7-inch reel).

Extent: Four 1/4-inch reel to reel tapes (7-inch reel) in one box.

Dates: Unknown.

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