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IS 201: The Health Games (Sheeler): Bias &

Class Session Presentation

Bias: tends to leave information out or use words in such a way as to make the facts appear to support one point of view,
Perspective: tends to be a more legitimate way of discussing a topic--from a certain perspective, it is natural for some information to be emphasized more than others.

Every source has a bias, because every source cannot use every piece of relevant information: choices must be made. As for word choice, language is rarely neutral: nearly every word comes coded with the socioeconomic history of its evolution across time and space. Your goal is not to find all unbiased sources. Your goal is to develop your analytic skills so that you can make choices based on your needs and the available information.

Elements of Bias to Analyze

  • Word Choice

  • Inclusion/Omission of Facts and Fact Placement

  • Author/Publication Background

  • Historical Context of Piece


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