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IS 201: Sport Sociology (Pins): Diverse

Bias & Perspective


This course examines how sport culture and sport participation influence the way individuals and society think about their own bodies, gender, social class, race, disability, religion, ethnicity, and more.  It will also explore the socialization process as nurtured by sport.

All sources are NOT equal. Discerning bias is key.

Point of view is not neutral: Is the author an "insider" or "outsider?"

Is the information in his/her own words or reported by someone else?

Does the place or date influence the approach to the topic?

How do stereotypes distort presentation of information?

EXAMPLES of potential bias:

  • Articles about opportunities for students from an urban setting vs. a rural one (different world views?)
  • The author is a professional who works with sports--coaches, referees, etc.-- vs. an "other" --journalist, parent, politician, etc.-- (there is a unique bias and viewpoint)
  • The information in sources reflects a specific diverse population -- or not?  (multicultural, gender, disabled, low socioeconomic status, etc.)
  • The statistics presented are interpreted and documented appropriately and are from reputable sources.