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Getting Started IS 101 and beyond: EI 101

Research tips for introduction AND review.

EI 101 Holiday Assignment Research

You will use 3 types of resources for this assignment: encyclopedias (to give you overview or background), books (to give you more in-depth information), and magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal articles (these will give you more specific information).

Encyclopedias IN PRINT about holidays

Encyclopedias are a type of source you will need to get used to using for college research. If you have looked at Wikipedia in the past to get started on a topic, try using our encyclopedias (in print and online) now, as you cannot cite Wikipedia as a source.

BOOKS on holidays

Use OneSearch (from the library homepage) to search for your holiday.

Limit to "Books, Media & More" afterward. Make sure you notice the location of the book!

For example, Folklore of World Holidays is on the 1st floor:

Holidays & Special Days is in the Curriculum Collection:

And Holiday Symbols and Customs is an online book!

Encyclopedias IN DATABASES that will cover holidays

DATABASES are ways to read sources online that used to only be in print. While you do read the database articles online, they are not "website" sources because (1) they were published first in print, then made digital and (2) you would normally have to pay to read these--but the library has already taken care of the cost. Most databases have articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals, but the ones below have more encyclopedias!

Get to the DATABASES directly

You can get to the encyclopedia databases listed above or the article database listed below like this:

ARTICLES on holidays

Articles from databases are used frequently in research courses. Be careful to know what you are looking for!

Newspaper articles will give you news stories about the holiday, such as controversies or current celebrations.

Magazine articles will give you similar data to news, with sometimes more information. This will be the better than newspapers or peer-reviewed articles to find brief information about your holiday.

Peer-reviewed or Scholarly or Academic articles will give you studies on the holiday--you probably don't need those for this class!

You can search for articles in OneSearch, but it will be easier to see only magazines in the database ProQuest Central.