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EN 112: Research Labs: Lab D
Dig Scholarly

If you need introductory or review research skills, please see the IS 101 guide instead

Need a refresher on finding scholarly articles?

You learned how to search for scholarly articles in IS 101. If you need a refresher, click below.

Digging into Scholarly (and other) Sources

Food for Thought:

  • In our daily lives, we normally only hear about scholarly studies through their reporting in the popular press (newspapers, magazines, TV news, YouTube news, etc). How is that different from reading the scholarly studies themselves? What are the dangers?

Put it into Practice:

  • Brainstorm a few types of scholarly studies that might benefit your topic. Discuss their usefulness with the class.

Food for Thought:

  • TED talks are pretty fun to watch. Scholarly studies are pretty dry to read. How does the presentation of information affect how you respond to the facts presented? Can you think of a time when you were unknowingly influenced by presentation over credibility of information?

Put it into Practice:

  • Look for scholarly articles to support your topic. Keep track of how easy or difficult it is, and whether the results match your expectations. Did you have to change your tactic along the way? Did you find out anything that was opposite of your main points? Share with the class.

Databases used in this Lab