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EN 112: Research Labs: Lab C
Dig News

If you need introductory or review research skills, please see the IS 101 guide instead

What can article sources do for you?

  • Shorter, narrower, more specific information (the opposite of an in-depth book)
  • Current information (news and magazines)
  • Scholarly research studies and results (peer-reviewed journals)

Digging into News Sources

Food for Thought:

  • Write down at least two aspects of your topic that you could find in news sources. Share with class.

Put it into Practice:

  • Look for news sources based on what you need. Was it easy or hard? Did you have to use the date limiter in whatever search engine you used?

Food for Thought:

  • When you want news in your own life, where do you go? What do you think about the credibility of those sources after watching this video?

Put it into Practice:

  • Find a news source--either related to your topic or not--and analyze it using PATS. Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?

Databases used in this Lab